What you can get
The Interior magazine offers an effective platform for development, communication
and cooperation of designers with customers and suppliers.
New level
You can reach a new level
of interaction and collaboration both with
customers and with suppliers.
New orders
Renown through publications and long-playing
advertising in print and on the Internet
will get you new orders.
You and your projects will be known
to the maximum number of target audience
through effective advertising.
Placing the own works in a prestigious
specialized magazine bespeaks the high status
of the designer.
The Interior magazine is an authoritative glossy publication with the platform on which designers
meet and interact with potential customers — suppliers and readers.
8 years with designers
Since 2007, the magazine has been developing and fostering the profession of interior designer.
Integrated advertising
The unique advertising platform in the magazine and on the Internet allows creating a bright working advertising and to draw the attention of the maximum target audience to a designer and his projects.
High quality
of work
A well-coordinated team of professionals have been working on the magazine; they have been creating a high-quality platform for designers and architects for already 8 years.
Long life advertising
Unique content, interesting topics and the magazine's collector status allow the publication to remain its topicality and be in demand for a long time.
The mission of the magazine is to promote the professional growth of designers, which is also achieved through the loyal pricing policy for publications.
I pretty much like interacting with the editorial staff. The friendly and helpful managers of the "Interior" magazine became nearly friends of mine. I wish them good luck and success!
  • Natalia Golubeva, designer,
    "Белый вереск" design studio executive
    I pretty much like interacting with the editorial staff. The friendly and helpful managers of the "Interior" magazine became nearly friends of mine. I wish them good luck and success!
  • Elvira Botnar, designer, architect,
    «Дом архитектуры и дизайна» studio executive
    An excellent magazine! It's particularly pleasant to see the high quality of design, print, and professional approach to their work in general. I do not miss a single issue during more than one year.
  • Svetlana Kovalchuk, designer
    «Академия интерьера» studio executive
    I have by chance found my works in social networks, where it turned out that the magazine places the designers it cooperates with. It's nice that after the placement of ad in the printed magazine they do not forget you and continue to publish you on the Internet.
  • Marat Valiakhmetov, designer, architect,
    «Аристократ» studio executive
    Following the publications in the magazine, I have acquired new acquaintances. They turned out to be very helpful, and because of them I managed to take part on the largest projects of the city.
  • Artem Dyagterev, designer, architect,
    «Дегарт» studio executive.
    I was once approached by a customer who saw my publications in the year-old issue magazine. I'm very grateful to the "Interior" magazine editorial staff for that they are making a really high-quality product that really works for a long time.
The «Interior» magazine is trusted by hundreds of designers and federal and international companies
that collaborate with the magazine for many years.

Baker · Bang&Olufsen · Barausse · Bowers&Wilkings · Dyson · Gira · JVC · Kerama Marazzi
King Koil · Laufen · Martini · Miele · Mobel&Zeit · Mr.Doors · Pierre Frey · Scavolini · Schneider Electric
Union · Villeroy&Boch · Vitra and many others.
Our workflow philosophy is simple, easy and effective thanks to the staff of upscale professionals who love their work.
At any stage, we will listen and offer the best solution.
You submit request
You are contacted by a manager who tells you about the current placement options and reserves a space for you.
You send the necessary placement material: your portrait, your works with a brief description, and you pass the "face control".
You pay a printing fee and approve the layout.
Once the magazine is printed, our courier will bring it to you, and your advertising will start to work both in the magazine and on the Internet.

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