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The Interior magazine is a bright modern guideto the world
of interior design and architecture.
Quality content
Interesting news, hot topics,
handy tips, each of which is presented
with high quality and style.
Smart buying
Interesting proposals from leading-edge
companies, as well as information about
discounts, bonuses and promotions.
The world's best exhibitions and projects,
best eneat craftsmen, best furniture,
accessories and material showrooms.
Russian projects
Hundreds of Russian designers,
architects and decorators available
to create your interior.
Interior designers
The live interior guide containing hundreds of interior designers and projects
available not only in print but also in social networks.
Margarita Shatkova
Maria Solovyova
Anna Chevereva
Maria Dadiani
Yevgeniya Ostrovskaya
Natalia Golubeva
Elena Valeyeva
he Interior magazine is one of the most affordable ones in its segment.
Everyone can choose a convenient way to get the latest issue.
In stores
and showrooms
Distributed free in large furniture stores and showrooms of the city.
In news
You can buy in the nearest news kiosks.
Available for viewing online on this website and other printed press Internet sites.
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Interactive magazine can be downloaded from Google Play and the App Store.
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